Friday, February 15, 2008

Sledding Day

Our kids have discovered their new favorite winter activity: Sledding! We took them to a sledding hill at a park near our house and they all loved it--including the girls. In fact, Solena has become so brave, she will even go down by herself. The boys love to go on the same sled and see how far they will go and most of the time they will go farther than anyone else.

Kobe and Bryce cruising down the hill.
Samantha enjoying the great view and waiting for her turn.
Daddy and his cute little munchkins!


Suz, Nathan & Kye said...

That looks soo fun. We should come up and sled with you sometime.

Wilde Things said...

You actually update, I didn't know! Looks fun! But when was it warm enough to go without coats?

Thekrogwoman said...

Where's your coat missy!!